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Friday Afternoon Rants

by: Debra

The FDA is still trying to intimidate doctors into not prescribing strong pain medication for their patients by having drugmakers create risk management plans. Since I'm allergic to all of the drugs mentioned in the article I won't be affected, but many people who are in chronic pain will. I know what it's like to be in constant pain with no relief in sight and it isn't pretty.  Too bad the FDA wasn't interfering when Rush Limbaugh was scoring oxycontin with his secretary's help.  It might have saved him a few brain cells and then he wouldn't run around making stupid statements like the poor have no right to health care because they can't afford it.

We don't want them either.

I was thinking the same thing. It was okay for them to sleep with a married man, accept his gifts and travel on his dime but now they want money to keep quiet.  Prostitutes have more class.

Oreo. He certainly made sure bankers can afford to live on their segregated estates while the help live under the bridge.

Aetna only made a 7% profit this year so they are going to raise their rates and eliminate about 600,000 people from their health insurance plans. What will it take for teabaggers to wake up and realize that the only death panels are located in insurance companies and while teabaggers are purportedly worrying about single payer health care killing grandma that corporations have been robbing the taxpayers blind? Or as commenter Chernynkaya so artfully put it:
I am so s!ck of hearing from the Right how we liberals are always looking for a government "handout." Heres what the government has the money to do for CORPORATIONS:

— subsidies and other direct grants;

— tax breaks, reductions, deductions, exclusions, write-offs, exemptions, credits, loopholes, shelters, and rebates even for profitable companies;

— letting corporations be headquartered off-shore and pay no federal income taxes;

— large government contracts of every imaginable kind; some on a cost-plus basis with every incentive to cheat and get more;

— discounted user fees or subsidized use of public resources (land, water, airwaves,e­¬tc.);

— free government-funded R & D;

— every program from the Department of Commerce, Agriculture and others underwrites it; the FDA for Big Pharma; the FCC for media and telecommunications firms; the FAA for the airlines, the Treasury and Fed for Wall Street;

— individual tax breaks for the rich; billions offshored to tax havens; allowing corporate fraud and abuse

— privatizing more - schools, highways, bridges, airports, prisons, public lands, utilities, parts of the military, mercenaries, and thus far a failed attempt to privatise the most important program for seniors and the disabled - Social Security;

But nothing for the basic right of LIFE (unless you haven’t yet had the nerve to be born).

Let the good times roll.




Yeah Deb,
Doncha feel really bad for Aetna? I'm even considering a telethon or web-a-thon to help them get through 2010!
Maybe we can set it up with DW's help. I'm sure Timmy Geithner will match any contributions!
by: Father Tyme (contact) - 04 Dec '09 - 18:52
This one made me snicker: They thought they could play "we'll show them Democrats" and then the Coburn/Vitter plan goes awry.

("Be careful what you wish for" comes to mind. So does "by their own petard".)
by: Foiled Goil (contact) - 04 Dec '09 - 19:03
Did "Capt. Kirk" (Denny Crane!) look like he was ready to start snorting like a bull at the end of that video?
by: Foiled Goil (contact) - 04 Dec '09 - 19:16
Good evening, Father Tyme.

I was thinking of something like pledging my body parts for those insurance companies to sell when I die.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield can have my a**, and Aetna can certainly get some money for my d***.

Okay, that last one maybe not much, but it might have some value as a coffee table curiosity for the right buyer; and as far as that first one goes, Blue Cross/Blue Shield has my permission to kiss that a** before selling it.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot Cigna, which can have my lower c****, but the contents must be handed over to United Health Group.

WellPoint will get my b****, and Coventry gets the u**** therein.

Anything else that's squishy and gross can be divied up among Amerigroup, Universal American , and Centene.

And Max Baucus, who thinks I should go to prison if I don't buy health insurance, is in charge of tasting everything for freshness.

Huh. I just noticed all the redactions I had to do up above.

Sad. I can't even express my own body parts without self-censorship.

It's a good thing I didn't include pictures.

The Dark Wraith should probably get to work on rewriting his will, right now.
by: Dark Wraith (contact) - 04 Dec '09 - 19:18
Just make sure the body parts are all well used up, Wraith. wink

They get a bigger profit for almost new or slightly used ones, ya know.

by: Foiled Goil (contact) - 04 Dec '09 - 19:24
you're to easy on El Rushbo! He should be doing thirty years in the penitentiary!
by: Andy M (contact) - 05 Dec '09 - 09:31
Good morning, Andy M, and welcome.

I can assure you that in my Internet talk radio rants, as well as in my writings, I have pointed out the obvious: Rush Limbaugh is above the rule of law that applies to everyday people.

A sex trip to the islands, where the specialty is young stuff rather difficult to find here in the States. Yes, men are prosecuted all the time for taking trips to Asia to get little girls, yet Mr. Limbaugh's trip was not even the subject of an investigation by federal law enforcement.

Mr. Limbaugh then returned to the United States in possession of a sex drug on a prescription in another person's name.

Long before that, Mr. Limbaugh did not serve a prison sentence for unlawfully soliciting to buy and then securing a powerful, addictive prescription drug on multiple occasions.

It appears from a photograph that Mr. Limbaugh, in his younger days, openly used marijuana, possession and use of which is still, to this day, illegal in most situations and places. If it were a fake joint he was smoking in that photograph, then he was certainly guilty at least of promoting the use of an illegal substance.

Mr. Limbaugh has not come clean about his past, believing as he does, I would speculate, that his harsh, hate-filled view of personal and social liberalism is justified either because he has finally, at this late time in his life, found moral rectitude or, more likely, found that hypocrisy is not a show-stopper when it comes to the destructive polemics of the Right and its deeply, deeply flawed, morally dubious leaders.

Prison is for commoners and for the occasional, hapless has-been.

Mr. Obama is no stranger to this double standard: he, in that wisdom of his beyond his years, allows George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and all their awful underlings to slip into history unmolested by the violence of our justice system, which is always at the ready to destroy lesser mortals for far lesser sins against the state and their fellow citizens.

The outrage is exceeded only by the consequences.

The Dark Wraith has spoken.
by: Dark Wraith (contact) - 05 Dec '09 - 10:27
Perfectly said.
by: Anna Van Z (contact) - 06 Dec '09 - 19:38

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