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The Entrepreneurial Spirit, Craigslist, and People Unlike Us

by: Dark Wraith

While quickly perusing news stories, I made the mistake of clicking on the title of an article that I thought would amuse me. Being a buyer and seller on Craigslist, this one could not be ignored. From the comes this September 8, 2009, gem of an article: "20 most bizarre Craigslist adverts of all time."

By the time I finished the article, I was somewhat out of sorts about what these ads have to say about the state of Western Civilization and where it is headed.

Duck head maskSome guy in Atlanta was selling an over-the-head, full-sized, duck mask (picture included); another person in Phoenix was selling pope hats apparently too small for most people, but possibly suitable for a "nice dog" or "maybe a large cat"; a deeply weird guy in Pittsburgh needed a woman to sit in a bathtub full of noodles (while he was not there) so he could come home later, season them properly, then eat them; and yet another individual, apparently quite the bibliophile, was selling a "1st edition of [Plato's] The Republic signed by its author."

I wish I had seen that last ad before it expired.

Ditto for the Pope hats.

Anyway, one of the ads caught my attention because I did not immediately understand the unwritten subtext, so I shall share it with you, dear readers. From Craigslist Los Angeles, dated December 13, 2008, (as filed on Best of Craigslist) comes this troubling plea:

My Teeth

I left my Dentures in your Silverado last night. I gave you my number but did not get yours. Please call me asap. I need my teeth. We met in the parking lot of Margarita Jones. Get back to me asap please. Thank you.

I should have known better than to keep reading after the tormented fellow's ad looking for a woman to flavor his noodles.

The Dark Wraith will probably go back to trolling eBay for bargains, at least for a while.

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ing6 I never thought of reading the ads for entertainment though I did read some of the personals a few years ago and they elicited a few snickers and a couple of eek
by: Debra (contact) - 19 Sep '09 - 00:28
Desperate times call for desperate measures! wink
by: Tenngran (contact) - 19 Sep '09 - 16:01
Yes, I suppose so, and I guess it would be rather awkward were she to keep them in and then have them detach and stay affixed to the fellow when she was finished.

I think most men would leave their truck through the dashboard if they saw a full set of dentures still chewing the junk after the lady had gone back to the bar for another Margarita.

The whole story is still just leaving me feeling like the world has finally gone to Hell.

The Dark Wraith can't even listen to a Fixodent commercial, now.
by: Dark Wraith (contact) - 19 Sep '09 - 19:37
1st edition of The Republic signed by its author. There is of course a reasonable amount of wear and tear ... but it is in overall good condition considering its age.


I left my Dentures in your Silverado last night.

I suppose that's not nearly like leaving your heart in San Fransisco.

We met in the parking lot of Margarita Jones.

"Of all the tequila joints ..."


*Behave mode: ON*
by: Foiled Goil (contact) - 20 Sep '09 - 02:03
I ran an article like this on 9/10/09, with several of these examples.
by: Anna Van Z (contact) - 21 Sep '09 - 01:03

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Title: The Entrepreneurial Spirit, Craigslist, and People Unlike Us
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