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Tea Baggers March

by: Foiled Goil

Irony and Hypocrisy March on Washington

Roy Taylor, Dallas Liberal Examiner:

Thousands of Americans with no sense of irony, history, or hypocrisy marched in Washington, D.C. today.

The protests, "self" organized by Fox News and (Dick Armey's lobbying firm) focused on how U.S. taxes should be cut to increase the deficit by even more than the $5,000,000,000,000 added during the last eight years.
"The government should be concentrating on cutting spending on all the programs, not thinking of new, wonderful ways of spending more. ... I've voted my whole life. This is the first time in my life I've gotten off the couch and said, 'I'm sick of this. It's only three hours away, and I'm going to be there.'"
Translation, "I loved it when Reagan and Bush ran up the deficits, but now that it's a Democrat doing so, I finally got off my couch to yell at him." [snip]

I've mentioned this before, but I find the entire "Tea Party" movement to completely lack any sense of their own irony.  From the 'pedia.
The Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act for a variety of reasons, especially because they believed that it violated their right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives.
Now, instead of protesting against the right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives, they are protesting against the right to be taxed by their own elected representative.

This is like South Carolina rep Joe Wilson shouting out that Obama is a liar (when fact checking orgs all say it is Wilson who has a problem with the facts) about illegal immigrants and the health care legislation, when he himself voted for an (unpaid for) expansion of federal benefits for...wait for it...illegal immigrants.

To make matters worse, none of these folks had any problems with George W. Bush cutting taxes (and increasing the deficit) by $2,500,000,000,000 (nearly 40% of which went to richest 1% of Americans, many of whom are now running these latest protests).  This simple fact exposes the hypocrisy and partisan nature of these protests.  What, you folks *just* realized that Bush doubled the national it's all Obama's fault?

Crazy as all Beck.

Tea Party Express Fizzles

Michael Stone, Portland Progressive Examiner:

The Tea Party Express went out with a fizzle, as a smaller than anticipated crowd gathered In Washington DC. The motley crew of marchers attending the event reflected a small misinformed minority feeling fear and anger over the more liberal direction the country began taking since the 2008 election. [snip]

The event was Astroturf in large part, a Glenn Beck publicity stunt shamelessly plugged by Fox News. In addition, right wing extremists and corporate-backed groups, (in particular a large showing by the health insurance industry), were also involved in sponsoring the de facto anti-Obama march.

In hindsight, the nation is lucky the event was a harmless goof for the tin foil hat crowd. Beck and Fox News have been constantly pandering to a dangerous right wing fringe.

Beck's rhetoric is schizophrenic, at one moment crying and asking if we can all get along, and at the next moment warning of black helicopters, government plans to steal children and a coming civil war. Beck likes to tell his audience: "We surround them" - which is in itself an incitement to violence, and but one example of Beck's reckless disregard for civility, decency and mutual respect.

The Tea Party attracted all sorts of crazies. Libertarians, White Supremacists, Birchers, Patriot Movement devotees and radical Anti-Abortion Movement supporters were all there. The National Association of Rural Land Owners (NARLO) a group that preaches a coming civil war, and seems to advocate violent insurrection, was a major sponsor of the event.

The Tea Party Express, was in the end, an attempt to make crazy main stream.

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